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If you prefer to speak with an education advisor about a personalised tutor match, please call Varsity Tutors UK at 0203 962 1468, to connect with an education advisor.


Do you think, your child needs a little extra help with his/her schoolwork? Or is he/she a bit reluctant to do studies? So, I can help your child in improving his/her skills. I always provide short and logical techniques for solving problems.

Please feel free to read 80+ comments left by previous students. Also, as you can see, I am trying to offer a reasonable rate, although I can charge a higher rate with my experience, qualifications, etc.

Also, I prefer providing proofs/derivations (mainly for mathematical/scientific content) to enhance students’ understanding of the subject content. Most of the teachers just provide the equations/theories and ask students to apply them, but students do not know how/why those equations were formulated. So students get confused and bored!

I am a teacher who has higher postgraduate qualifications in Engineering and also in Teaching [BScEng (Hons); PhD in Engineering; Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education].

I offer both:

  • REGULAR One-to-One (I offer both IN-PERSON and ONLINE delivery methods).

  • Group Sessions (2+ students)

Tutoring Experience

  • 16 years of experience in university lecturing.
  • 20 years of experience in teaching MATHEMATICS, MECHANICS, STATISTICS, PHYSICS (and several other topics) for GCSE, AS/A Level and undergraduate students, and also for other maths-based exams/tests.

Tutoring Approach

GROUP/COMMON CLASSES (covers the Curriculum and Exam Questions) - If you wish to join a group session, please ask.

  • GCSE (Years 6/7/8) - Runs Each Wednesday 5.45-7.45pm (fee - £40 per 2 hr session)

  • GCSE (Years 9/10/11) - Runs Each Friday 5.45-7.45pm (fee - £45 per 2 hr session)

  • AS Level Maths - Runs Each Friday 6-8pm (fee - £50 per 2 hr session

  • A Level Maths - Runs Each Monday 6-8pm (fee - £50 per 2 hr session)

Sessions are designed carefully to improve the students’ engagement and understanding using an interactive real-time whiteboard.

INDIVIDUAL CLASSES (covers the Curriculum and Exam Questions and is designed to cover student's needs)

A lesson duration will be 65-70 minutes (I am not concerned about the clock and do what I have to do for the day). So, you will pay less per hour.

I offer tuition covering all the well-known exam boards (AQA, OCR, EDEXCEL, WJEC, etc). Also, I am always open to negotiate with each individual to offer the best possible learning experience to them.

How I teach:

  • Explain theory with proofs/derivations

  • Discuss past exam papers, Tutorials/Assignments for each lesson

  • Short methods

  • Techniques to improve the analytical ability

  • Teaching approach is normally tailored to reflect the level/capacity of each student to enhance their learning ability step by step.

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (evenings)
References Available On File


UK2011DoctoratePhD in Mechanical Engineering
Overseas2007BachelorsBSc in Mechanical Engineering

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