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If you prefer to speak with an education advisor about a personalised tutor match, please call Varsity Tutors UK at 0203 962 1468, to connect with an education advisor.


Online Maths and Psychology Teacher

Hi, I'm Hannah! I have a passion for helping students excel in Psychology and Maths, boosting their confidence and skills. I currently offer online tuition via Zoom, where I create custom worksheets tailored to each student's needs. We work through the questions together using screen sharing, and I use a graphics tablet to demonstrate solutions and take notes. After our session, I send you the completed notes and optional homework.

I graduated with a First Class Honours in BSc Psychology, covering a wide range of topics including development, mental health, and research methods. I completed AQA Psychology A at A-Level and have experience writing educational resources for the new specification. This background makes me well-versed in current teaching requirements.

I offer support for A-level Psychology students, particularly those following the AQA Psychology A specification, but I'm also equipped to help with other specifications. For university students studying Psychology or related fields, I provide assistance with coursework planning, proofreading, and exam preparation.

My degree focused on areas involving maths, especially statistics, and I also studied A-Level Maths. I specialise in helping students achieve that crucial C-grade in GCSE Maths. I believe that every student can succeed with the right amount of practice and support, which one-on-one tuition can provide. Many students simply need more time and tailored guidance to grasp mathematical concepts, and I love seeing their confidence grow as they master topics they once found challenging.

Tutoring Experience

I have worked with a broad range of age groups, from age 7 to 50, helping them improve their skills in both Psychology and Maths. I also have experience working with students who have dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD, and autism. While I haven't formally taught in a classroom setting, my personalised approach has proven highly effective in one-on-one tutoring sessions.

Tutoring Approach

I believe that the key to increased understanding is adapting my teaching methods to suit each individual student. Not everyone learns the same way, and repeating the same methods can be frustrating and unproductive. I strive to present concepts in various ways, using different examples and methodologies to help students see problems from new perspectives. My goal is to make learning engaging and effective, ensuring that each student can achieve their full potential.

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
References Available On File


Swansea University2014BachelorsBSc Psychology 1st class degree
City of Bristol2011CollegeA-Levels ABBb (A-level maths grade B taken in one year instead of typical two years)
Brimsham Green School2009SchoolGCSEs 1A* 8As

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