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I am a passionate tutor and have more than 20 years of teaching and research experience.
I have in-depth knowledge of Electronics Engineering and Mathematics, especially engineering mathematics that I share with my students to uplift their knowledge and enable them to resolve complex problems. I am a very flexible person and makes learning a enjoyable experience. I tailor my lessons according to the potential of students and help them to acknowledge their strong areas and strengthen the weak areas.

Tutoring Experience

I have been tutoring from past 20 years.I have helped numerous students with their curriculum and exams with lots of practice sessions and designed test papers for students so that they learn with each step.

During my teaching journey I have accumulated experience that help me to understand the potential of variety of students.
I have extensive experience in one-to-one tutoring, online tutoring and imparting lectures in colleges.

SUBJECT: GCSE Mathematics
A & AS Level Maths ( all books)

BTEC Level 3 - maths and Electronics.. unit 1, 7,8,19,20.

ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS : partial fractions and integration, matrices, Eigen values and Eigen Vectors, Fourier series, Fourier transforms, Laplace Transform, Z transform, Complex Numbers, Power series et all, Ordinary Partial Differential equation and Numerical Methods.

AC ( single phase and three phase)and DC Circuits
Semiconductor devices and circuits Diode, BJT,MOSFET, SCR, IGBT and design
Single stage and multi stage amplifiers
Parameter models,
Signals and systems
Digital Signal Processing
Control systems
Basics of Electrical (AC and DC circuits, transformers )and Electronics ( Diodes , BJT and MOSFET circuits )
Electronic Communications& digital communication: AM, FM, PM, PCM , sampling theorem, Line codes
Digital Electronics
Power Electronics
Transmission lines
Network Analysis

Tutoring Approach

Strongly belief that teaching and learning process should be done with lots of patience and practice and entertainment. I teach with analogies and examples. I have always continued to explain my students with variety of experiences till the student grasps it. I am very systemic and organised when it comes to explaining any circuits or questions. I solve all the questions my self to show each step to my students.
I have taught GCSE Mathematics and Statistics , A level maths and university 'Applied Mathematics' many times.
MATHS IS FUN. It should be learned systematically. My job is to align the knowledge of my students in such a way that maths becomes fun for them.

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
References Available On File


Pune University2001BachelorsBE Electronics
Symbiosis University2006MastersPGDM Finance
Mumbai University2013MastersME Electronics

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